Terms & Conditions

The service given by ikmanads.lk is service provided by ikmanads team. Go through the following Terms & Conditions before getting the service of this website.

  • Modification rights of the terms and conditions are owned by ikmanads.lk at any required time. The prior advice from ikmanads.lk to the users is to read the terms and conditions well before using the website.
  • Just before posting the advertisements of the advertisers, ikmanads.lk collects some basic information about them. The personal acceptance or the permission is generally given by the users and advertisers to get the use of those information for official requirements in the aspect of developing the ikmanads.lk.
  • Ikmanads.lk managements owns the right of publish/un-publish an advertising post, modifications(as they wish ), alternation blocking and deleting users or advertisements, or membership and advertising contentment without the prior warnings/permissions.
  • Ikmanads.lk bears no guarantee or responsibility on the advertising content’s illegality or any inaccuracy.The content’s illegality or any inaccuracy, the contents which are to be advertised under the categories of images, text contents, graphics, videos etc should be under all the accepted laws by ikmanads.lk.
  • If the above mentioned laws are violated by any chance by a particular user or an advertiser, ikmanads.lk should be released from all the obligations and authorized actions taken against that certain violation.
  • The advertising content should not be a copyright, personal property of an individual or any other right of a person which is supposed to be posted an ikmanads.lk.
  • Reproduction, modification and the publication of the contents of advertisements are some rights owned by the management of ikmanads.lk and the users/advertisers permit the whole access for that.
  • In any case of violation of the law related to a published content, ikmanads & the management possesses the right to get mutually coopertated with the related authorities on the particular act.
  • In the aspect of being officially legal, the provided information of the users/ advertisers will be disclosed with the relevant authorities in a case of a violation of rule mentioned such above.
  • ikmanads.lk and the management will not refund any paid money for any reason.
  • No guarantee can be given on continuous or protected access to the website by the ikmanads.lk.
  • Advertisers and users accept to pay compensation to ikmanads.lk and the management and the combined parties from and against all losses, expenses, damages, and costs with attorney’s fees in an occasion of violation of the above terms and conditions.
  • Ikmanadas.lk runs under all the laws and regulations of the democratic socialist republic of Sri Lanka.